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HOUR-BET Deposit Bonus For 3 Days From All New Deposit Members!
Celebrate the opening of our website for a month. This month we have achieved good results and evaluation.
We already have more than 3,000 active users, a total of more than 12,000,000 investments, and a total withdrawals of more than 7,100,000. These numbers are still growing steadily.
For many investors, our project has become a solid foundation for its main source of income and prosperous life.
The Hour-bet team thanks all investors for their trust in us.
In order for our investors to make more profits, we will start a 3 days deposit bonus.

If you deposit $ 10 ~ $ 49 so you will get 3% bonus
If you deposit $ 50 ~ $ 99 so you will get 4% bonus
If you deposit $ 100 ~ $ 299 so you will get 5% bonus
If you deposit $ 300 ~ $ 999 so you will get 6% bonus
If you deposit $ 999 ~ $ 2999 so you will get 7% bonus
If you deposit $ 2999 ~ $ 9999 so you will get 8% bonus
If you deposit $ 10000 ~ $ 100000 so you will get 10% bonus

Best regards,
Hour-Bet Limited
May-21-2020 04:15:39 PM
Beware of phishing websites --- www.hour-bet.com
Hello everyone,
Recently, many investors reported to us about hour-bet.com, this is a fake site, please all investors stay away from this site, do not invest!
Our official website is www.hour-bet.club, please identify the authenticity here;
Our domain name was registered on November 28, 2018, updated on the Internet on April 16, 2020, and our project was launched on April 21.
hour-bet.com is a domain name registered on April 21, 2020, which is completely stealing the details of our website.

You can check the details here: https://www.hour-bet.club/images/20200503224117.png

You can also check the real details yourself: https://who.is/whois/hour-bet.club

Best regards,
Hour-Bet Limited
May-5-2020 11:30:40 AM
The official launch Hour-Bet online platform!
Welcome to Hour-Bet Limited, we are a UK registered betting and betting company. At present, we have many profitable areas, for example; sports betting,
Texas Hold'em, slot machines, etc. After long-term testing and research by the development team and actuaries, we have mastered the method of long-term stable income,
our pokio's daily profit margin is between 172% -422%
We provide quality service and the most secure betting platform. Investors from all over the world are welcome to join us and earn hourly profits.
If you have any questions, please submit the problem to the support department, our customer service manager will answer it in the fastest time.
Best Regards,
Hour-Bet Limited
Apr-21-2020 08:02:45 AM